The Association’s history has more than 50 years and started from the research powder metallurgy laboratory. In 1960 powder metallurgy laboratory gained the status of Central powder metallurgy base laboratory.

The unit staff equal to 40 employees was identified, Science and engineering Board was created.

Today the Association is a leading inter-branch research and production center in the Republic of Belarus operating in key industrial areas:

  • powder metallurgy;
  • composite materials in duding nanomaterials;
  • impulse technologies application for development and products of materials and items;
  • vacuum equipment and technologies;
  • welding (technologies, materials, equipment and control);
  • materiasl and equipment for protective coatings deposition and functional coatings deposition;
  • structural ceramics;
  • medical materials and equipment;
  • superhard materials synthesis and manufacture; injection moulding;

Special technologies including utilization of artillery and engineer ammunition and air weapons, the production of industrial emulsion explosive substances. At present, the Association employs 1000 people including 42 PhD and 9 Doctors of Science.

The Association supports and develops business and scientific relations with enterprises from the East, West and Central Europan countries, the USA, India, Korea, China, Vietnam et.al.

The Association has powerful research and experimental facilities equipped with modern research equipment, pilot production plants of research institutes and powder metallurgy plants in Molodechno.

The Association holdy one of the leading positions in the world for production of:

  • structural powder components of complex shape for machine building;
  • sintered powder friction discs on iron- and copper basis for working in conditions of complete lubrication absence of lubrication;
  • porous permeable powder materials on the stainless steel-, titanium-, nickel- and bronze basis;
  • bimetals and composite multilayer metal materials produced by explosion welding;
  • diamond tools for working and cutting building materials;
  • heat pipes with powder capillary structure and heat sinks on their basis for effective cooling of radioelectronic equipment elements and electromechanic devices;
  • composite powders for spraying corrosion- and heat- resistant coatings;
  • vacuum-plasma spraying technologies of protective coatings;
  • production of dental, orthopedic and cardiologic implants on the basis of biocompatible and bioactive materials;
  • welding equipment, technologies and materials.

The Association incorporates the following centers:

  • Investigation and Test Centre for Testing of Metal and Non-Metal Materials and Products;
  • Inspection and Testing Laboratory for Welding Products, Materials and Equipment, certification document BY/ from 13.11.2006 for the period since 13.02.2009 till 13.11.2014;
  • Unit for Certification of Metal and Non-metal Materials and Products;
  • Interdepartmental coordinate council for welding and related technologies;
  • National technical committee on standardization TC BY8 “Powder composite, superhard materials and products, explosive substances;”
  • National technical committee on standardization TC BY5 “Welding and related processes”.